Artisanal, Farmstead Cheeses

Our Story

A Letter From The Owners

In 2007, we discovered an enchanting 130-acre property in Woodland, Utah that had held a producing dairy farm some forty years before. All that remained on the property was an old open-air hay structure and a broken-down milk barn. Wanting to honor the land’s previous use, we decided to create an artisanal cheese-making facility, using the milk from our own cows.

Not wanting to tear down any existing structures, we completely renovated the milk barn; and converted the open-air hay structure into an enclosed hay barn and stable, a place where the cows could come in out of the cold during the winter.

We then built a large barn from the ground up. It’s only a few years old, but looks like it’s been around forever. The cheese-making facility is located on the bottom level, along with a tasting room and demonstration kitchen.

Our Own Brown Swiss Cows

All of our cheeses, soaps and lotions are made using the milk and cream from our own Brown Swiss Cows, a cow specifically chosen for the buttery richness of their milk. It’s the milk from our cows that makes our cheeses taste so delicious!

Gold Creek Farms Sustainability Practices

  • Grow our own alfalfa and fertilize with our cows’ manure
  • Use only our own cows’ milk
  • Our cows are hormone free
  • Our cows are treated with antibiotics only when they are sick, and we do not use the milk from any cows while they are being treated.
  • We keep our production small as we are committed to local consumers

We’re proud of our cheese, and hope you enjoy it.

From Our Farm to Your Table, Enjoy!