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Our girl, Lisa!

Talented Snowy Utahan Cows

There is no doubt about it, our Brown Swiss cows are some talented creatures! With Gold Creek Farms being nestled within some of Utah’s most beautiful, hardy mountains, our supporters will often ask us how our cows survive the cold, icy winter months. The truth is (just like us), they love it! In fact, we chose our Brown Swiss cows because we knew they would flourish in Northern Utah’s climate. After all, Utah is quite like their homeland. Naviguer ici.

Our girl, Maddy!

Brown Swiss cows originated on the slopes of the Alps in Switzerland, and therefore they are extremely resistant to, not only cold environments, but also the hot summer months Utah often endures. However, we did not only select our Brown Swiss cows because they love the World’s Greatest Snow!! Brown Swiss cows also produce the second highest yield of milk (the Jersey cow being the highest).

Our girl, Lisa!

Aside from their high yield of milk and lovely docile temperaments (our girls are just like big friendly dogs!), the main reason we selected Brown Swiss cows as a crucial part of our team is they produce the highest quality of milk, being on average 4% butterfat and 3.5% protein. While we obviously have a handful of wonderfully talented human members of our team, we strongly believe our Brown Swiss cows are the starting point to what makes our cheese so creamy, delicious, and one of the finest cheeses in the World!

Our Brown Swiss cows in the snowstorm

Check out more pictures of our talented girls here:

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