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Reasons to Buy Local

Being halfway through October, Utah’s harvest season is starting to come to an end. While many people strive to buy local products during the summer farmers markets, it may seem difficult to maintain that habit during the winter. On the contrary, there are still a lot of local products available at many grocery stores, regardless of the season. Being a small, local business ourselves, we strive to keep our products readily available to our customers.

So, why is it so important to buy local? The main reason is it benefits you as well as your family. When you purchase local products, studies have reflected that a large portion of your dollar is used to purchase other local products, services (think utilities), and benefit local farms. Recent studies have shown this helps to increase the available local jobs, ease tax rates, and make the cost of living more affordable. It goes to show why recent trends have supported and increased local spending.

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Local companies help to make-up the identity of the cities we live in. Think about it, where we eat, where we shop, and where we have fun with our friends and family makes our community home. Every place we visit has an identity. What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear, “New York” or “Park City?” Is one skyscrapers and concrete, while the other is pine trees and snow? More than likely, your initial image of each place is radically different. Our community, local businesses, and spending habits are what shapes the outside worlds’ impression of us. If we have no identity, then why visit?

Buying local can also equal better service. When you are purchasing something from the person who actually makes the product, they are going to have a better understanding of how the product can be used and answer questions you may have about it. Business owners obviously love their product and want to see it do well, so the relationships they build with the community and their customers is of utmost importance.

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So, what can you do to continue helping the local economy during the winter? When you visit the farmers markets during these final weeks, ask your favorite businesses how you can buy their product during the winter. More than likely, their products are available at several stores or they can ship directly to your home. Speaking for ourselves, we love our customers and will do whatever is possible to get our cheese to you!

If you would like further information about buying local, please visit:

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