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natural cheese
cheese from natural milk
Smoked Cheddar best of classdrunken cheddar wine infused cheddar cheese

We are a small artisan, cheese-making facility located on a beautiful 130 acre farm in Woodland, Utah (45 minutes east of Park City). All of our cheeses are made from the milk from our own Brown Swiss Cows, a breed specially chosen for the superior, buttery quality of the milk they provide; and for their gentle, sweet natures. To us, our small herd of cows are part of the family. We take pride in how we care for them, feeding them only the best locally grown hay and oats.

At Gold Creek Farms, we are committed to sustainable farming practices. The greatest responsibility we have as farmers and food producers is to turn over our world to future generations in better condition then we inherited it. Click here to learn more about our sustainability practices.

To produce the finest cheeses, we keep our production low, as it is our belief that quality is more important than quantity. Our award winning cheese maker has extensive chef experience which has served him well in devising new and delightful cheeses. From our farm to your table, enjoy!

Alan and Debbie Gold

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Gold Creek Farms 100% Natural Handmade Cheese