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Wine, Much Like Cheese

Ever wonder why cheese and wine make such great pairs? Maybe it is because the cheese-making process is very similar to the wine-making process.


Cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanliness! It is a crucial part to the cheese-making process. Cheese is produced in the right environment with friendly bacteria. Bacteria are important in both cheese and wine to change the original product into something completely different. Bacteria in wine helps ferment the grapes to turn into alcohol just as the bacteria in cheese-making is needed to ripen the milk to turn it into cheese.

Milk into Cheese

Just as wine-making turns grapes into wine, cheese-making turns milk into cheese! Acquiring milk from a cow, goat, sheep or buffalo, the cheese-maker applies craft and skill to bring-out different characteristics in the cheese. Similar to wine, which has many types of varietals and mixtures, cheese can vary in appearance, aroma, taste, and texture.

Cheese, Like Wine 1

The Perfection

Different cheese recipes require different kinds of love. The most common additives when making cheese are cultures and rennet. Cultures are the additives that ripens the milk. This is the process of stimulating bacteria to produce lactic acid, and other compounds such as carbon dioxide, to ferment the cheese and to get the flavor that is desired. Once the optimal levels of lactic acid are reached, rennet is then added to create the proteins that make cheese curds.

Cutting the Cheese… Cheese Curds!

Curds are cut to expel the whey from the cheese. A moist cheese will require larger curds rather than drier cheese. Expelling the whey from the cheese is what helps the cheese to reach the desired acid levels. Each cheese recipe needs a different amount of time to let the cheese curds cook. Going back to the wine-making comparison, different wines are aged differently and each require specific care. Cheese curds are no different.

Cheese, Like Wine 2

Molding the Cheese

Molding is the process of removing the cheese curds and allowing the cheese to ripen. Once the cheese is ripened to cheesy perfection, the cheese-maker ensures quality through the grading process. The grading process is where the cheese-maker samples the cheese to ensure the standards of smell, taste, and texture have been met.

It’s not easy being cheesy! At Gold Creek Farms we believe in making the highest quality of cheese that is delivered straight from our farm to your table. We also take pride in our sustainability practices because we believe in making genuinely perfect cheese.

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